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Easy Manifesting
Lesson 6
Making Manifesting Easy

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How To Feel It Real Fast #6
These Easy Manifesting Lessons are inspired by the Feel It Real Power Pack.  Five years ago, we began this project, and your questions and success stories have helped us create this series to amp up your results even more.
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“So are you free or a slave? If you know God’s law as this gentleman does, you can be as free as the wind. Just imagine a gentleman sitting at his desk contemplating doubling his income and out of nowhere a man he had seen weekly for three years, is the instrument through which this doubling occurs.”

“In spite of that he wants something more. He doesn’t want to work. So he keeps a date he made months before with a man who had just received an inheritance from an unknown relative who insists he share it with him. Then he urges upon him a check for the exact amount that he, over a period of two weeks, had removed from his unidentified envelope.”

“So he takes off and enjoys the entire summer doing nothing. Then a call comes from one he had never seen urging him to come see him and bring some of his work. The man introduces him to the man in the office that the gentleman had slipped into while sitting at his desk dreaming a dream.” – Neville Goddard
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